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Dogs, like people, need to stay active to live a happy and healthier life. Mother Nature, however, can be a little unforgiving to our furry little friends. Fortunately, with active apparel from, your dogs can stay warm while they run outside. Our dog winter jackets and dog fleece jackets are perfect for those chilly days. Give your dog a great workout with our Hurtta padded y-harness. If you’re going out for a walk on a rainy day, cover your dog in a cute dog raincoat.

Rain or shine; let your dog work out anytime with active dog apparel from

  • Hurtta High Visibility Polar Vest

    Product Code: 930585-619
    Quick Overview


    Polar vest

    Colour Yellow, orange, pink
    Size XXS-XXL
    Description The Polar Vest is a soft and warm high-visibility vest that yields to the dog’s movement. This close-fitting model protects the dog’s rib cage and keeps it dry. The vest is made from rustle-free Softshell fabric with a laminated water-resistant Houndtex layer. The product is ideal for sporting activity, hunting and daily walks. The inherent warmth of the product does not recommend it for summer use. A tag around the neck has space for the owner’s telephone number
    • Highly visible under all conditions
    • 3M-reflectors
    • Ultra light and close fitting
    • Silent and elastic in action
    • Breathable Houndtex membrane
    • Adjustable fit
    • Machine washable
    Hurtta products appeal to Dog-owners with active and healthy lifestyles.
    Dog owners who focus on safety and well-being of their dogs and are expecting a high degree of functionality, durability and dog-comfort.  
    They are quality-minded neighborhood walkers of dogs of all sizes and breeds, hikers, hunters, mushers, SAR members, K9 units and anyone who takes their dog seriously.


    Polar Vest 


    Chihuahua, Russkiy Toy, Toy poodle 

    Polar Vest 


    Miniature pinscher, Chinese crested dog, Italian sighthound 

    Polar Vest 

    Jack Russel terrier, German Hunting Terrier, Dachshund 

    Polar Vest 

    Beagle, Spanish water dog, Wheaten terrier 

    Polar Vest 

    Nova Scotia retriever, English springer spaniel, Labrador retriever 

    Polar Vest 


    Golden retriever, Collie, Norwegian elkhound 

    Polar Vest 


    Belgian Shepherd Dog, German shepherd, Doberman 

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    Hurtta High Visibility Polar Vest
    Hurtta High Visibility Polar VestHurtta High Visibility Polar VestHurtta High Visibility Polar VestHurtta High Visibility Polar Vest
    Hurtta High Visibility Polar Vest


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